Our Technology Program

Oak Park Early Learning Academy's preschool classrooms will be equipped with cutting-edge touchscreen whiteboards and computer systems that enable teachers to effectively develop early literacy skills and 21st century technological skills. 

Interactive Whiteboard Solution with TeachSmart by HatchInteractive Whiteboard Solution with TeachSmart by Hatch

Oak Park Early Learning Environment has equipped the 4 and 5 year old classrooms with a Whiteboard Solution with TeachSmart and CoreFocus by Hatch software packages. These interactive whiteboard and software packages feature more than 1,100 activities that develop early literacy and mathematical skills, such as phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, vocabulary, language, writing, number recognition, counting and more. Our classroom teachers will be able to develop lesson plans that focus on the entire class, small groups, even one-on-one instruction.

Preschool programs that effectively prepare children for kindergarten readiness have these features:

  • A lot of reading is taking place daily,
  • Children receive one-on-one teaching,
  • Printed words are displayed for children,
  • Planned literacy lessons are used,
  • Materials for play support literacy, and
  • Children have meaningful first-hand experiences.

The Hatch Whiteboard Solution has been developed around the concept that effective learning must be based on the 3 'P's of Purposeful, Planful, and Playful. Before choosing an activity, teachers should ask, "What is the purpose of this?" And the answer should be:

  1. It builds one or more necessary skills for school readiness.
  2. It expands and builds on children's current level of understanding.
  3. It encourages the understanding of new information that directly links to kindergarten readiness skills.

Teachers then carefully plan lessons that meet these objectives, incorporate activities and materials that are purposeful and playful for young children. These lessons need to support both guided instruction and exploratory, creative free play.

Technology assists in selecting activities that overlap language, literacy and math skills, while effectively using fun games and interactive activities to teach new skills. Our teachers will provide progressively more advanced concepts to children when they are ready. These scaffolded lessons are both positive and meaningful for each child, allowing for individualized instruction.

Finally, our teachers will use this technology to create and share individual work portfolios for each child. These work portfolios will become a part of our formal and informal assessment of children. Assessment helps classroom teachers better understand every child's development and to respond to any special needs or concerns. Plus, our teachers can effectively plan when to advance children to the next skill level.

Not only does assessment benefit children's learning, it also keeps our educators accountable. We'll know  that we are reaching our early learning goals for your children.