Our Spiritual Training

Oak Park Church, Inc.'s mission statement to strengthen the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the Richmond community will be extended by providing exceptional childcare for Richmond's families. Through our registered childcare ministry, we will positively impact the social, emotional and moral development of children.

Oak Park Early Learning Academy will guide children to make strong moral decisions based on Biblical teachings. Our program will not seek to teach a religious doctrine, merely teach, demonstrate and practice Christian beliefs. These spiritual teachings will create a warm, nurturing environment that supports our early childhood education program.

What will this look like in our program? Our day and meals will begin with prayers of blessing and thanksgiving. Each day will include a spiritual lesson, such as the importance of sharing, being thankful, love, friendship, honor and obedience. We will incorporate Bible verses that promote these concepts through singing, recitation, stories and role playing. These important life skills will become woven into our discipline policy, as examples of how we should treat our friends, how we should express our feelings and showing empathy towards one another.

Our administration and teachers were carefully chosen based on their experience with early childhood education and their personal commitment to demonstrate and to teach these vital beliefs to Oak Park Kids.

Oak Park Early Learning Academy firmly believes that these lessons will help guide children as they mature and begin to make personal decisions.