Pop-IN to Pre-K!
December 12-16, 2016

Celebrate Quality: Pop-IN to Pre-K at Oak Park Early Learning Academy!

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Join Us in Being "All IN" for Pre-K

We are 79 pre-K providers representing diverse programs in 24 Indiana counties, united by a simple belief -- success starts early.

We believe in the power of pre-K to change a child's life, because we live it every day. Collectively, we serve over 2,000 preschool and pre-K children a year.

Young children enter our pre-K programs with varying degrees of readiness for school. During the course of the year, thanks to the hard work of our teachers and their families, they leave academically and socially prepared for Kindergarten, filled with curiosity and animated by a love of learning. We are honored that so many Hoosier parents put their trust in us.

The week of December 12th, we invite YOU to see the power of Indiana pre-K for yourself. "Pop-IN" and interact with our children, teachers and families. Visit All IN 4 Pre-K to sign up today!

We hope your visit leaves you inspired and supportive of a significant expansion of funding for pre-K scholarships in 2017. Why? Because all children need access to pre-K. Yet, only 2,800 were served in the last school year by state and city pilot programs and a recent report places the number of "unserved" four-year olds in the state at nearly 30,000.

Imagine for a moment if we expand access to 10,000 pre-K students a year. That would be 10,000 better prepared Kindergarten students, ready to start their academic careers off on the right foot and become future employees, business owners, and civic leaders in our state.

We know you face many competing priorities, but pre-K is an investment we cannot afford to delay. It is time to make a significant and long-term commitment to pre-K in Indiana.

Who should attend?

State and local elected officials, nonprofit, business and philanthropic leaders, families and other community members.

What is Pop-IN to Pre-K?

A week-long celebration of Indiana's early childhood community in Indiana, celebrating quality pre-K programs and professionals, as well as our Paths to Quality system.

Where will this event be held?

Oak Park Early Learning Academy is located at Oak Park Church, 1920 Chester Boulevard, Richmond. The child care entrance is on the second floor of the rear building.


This Friday, December 16 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

All IN 4 Pre-K  is a coalition of Hoosier families, community advocates and business leaders working together to expand access to high-quality pre-K.