Our Curriculum

Oak Park Early Learning Academy offers a formal curriculum for our infant through preschool classrooms. A high-quality curriculum gives greater focus to daily activities, helping teachers decide how activities best fit together to benefit children's social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development. It integrates our teachers' planned activities, unexpected teachable moments and children's interests with the research-based developmental standards outlined by the Indiana Department of Education's Foundations. Indiana's Foundations is a framework of core skills that children birth to age five should achieve in order to be ready for future success.

Plus, Oak Park Kids enjoy a fun, exciting learning atmosphere where each day is unique. Our teachers foster exploration and self-expression; lesson plans promote individuality, creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking. Oak Park Kids are encouraged to adopt a "Let's try something new!" view.

Even Our Walls Teach

Our curriculum is even supported by our hallway decor and classroom walls. Our walls are an extension of our learning canvas and support an environment that promotes fresh vistas for thought and creativity.

First of all, our decor has been chosen to feel just like home, where children are comfortable and feel safe. Our softly sponged halls are lined with picture frames, just waiting to display children's unique artwork. We want Oak Park Kids to love coming to their home away from home! Plus, classroom walls display both pictures of family members and more of their special artwork.

Our "teaching walls" change regularly to keep learning new and effective.

Traditional + Technological

Our teaching strategies, equipment and supplies will integrate traditional methods with 21st century technology to provide a well-balanced learning environment.

What does this look like for Oak Park Kids? Children will enjoy hearing rich stories read aloud and retelling stories through finger plays and puppet plays. They'll have opportunities to express themselves through art, music and dramatic play, including centers for creating their own music or dressing up in costumes. They'll learn beginning reading and writing skills, explore mathematical and science concepts, plus learn social skills.

Our preschool classrooms will be equipped with cutting edge touchscreen whiteboards and computer systems that enable teachers to effectively develop early literacy skills and 21st century technological skills. Learn more about our technology program.

Finally, Oak Park Early Learning Academy formally and informally assesses every child on a weekly basis. Assessment helps classroom teachers better understand every child's development and to respond to any special needs or concerns. Our teachers can effectively plan when to advance children to the next skill level by using assessment tools.  Not only does assessment benefit children's learning, it also keeps our educators accountable. We'll know  that we are reaching our early learning goals for your children.