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Because accessing high-quality and affordable early childhood education is vital. . .

Oak Park Early Learning Academy is blessed to be a funded partner of the United Way of Whitewater Valley. The United Way of Whitewater Valley's mission is to partner with and to financially support organizations that battle against Wayne County's biggest enemies: addiction, food insecurity, poverty, education, neglect and abuse.

The United Way of Whitewater Valley also recognizes the need for affordable child care and affordable after-school programs. Many Wayne County families find that the high cost of exceptional quality child care is out of their budget. Unfortunately, informal child care options may cost less, but may also interfere with successful employment. The United Way of Whitewater Valley specifically partnered with Oak Park Early Learning Academy to enable more children to attend high-quality childcare programs.

Oak Park ChildCare Fund

Build Learn Grow Scholarships

Through the generous support of the United Way of Whitewater Valley, Oak Park Early Learning Academy is able to reach its goal of providing both affordable and high-quality early childhood education to our community.  By partnering together, more children will attend a preschool program that prepares them for success in  kindergarten and long-term educational goals.

The Oak Park ChildCare Fund subsidizes the weekly child care costs for infants, toddlers, and preschool children, plus covers their annual registration fee. Through this scholarship program, recipients will receive up to a $55 weekly tuition discount for one (1) year, plus have the $45 annual registration fee covered.


  • Child must be 6 weeks - 5 years old;
  • Parents may not be eligible for the state-funded Child Care Development Fund program.

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When families are working and kids are learning, Indiana’s future is brighter.

If the past year has made it hard for your family to access child care, Indiana can help by covering some of your costs. Indiana is working hard to make high-quality early learning and education opportunities for children from birth to age 12 more convenient and accessible for families like yours.

Check to see if your family qualifies for Build, Learn, Grow assistance. For families with qualifying incomes, classified as essential workers, the state of Indiana can cover 80% of your child care costs for kids up to age 12. That even includes before-school and after-school care.

A family of four earning $66,000 per year will qualify for a Build, Learn, Grow scholarship.It’s easy to check to see if you qualify.

For more information, call: 765-488-2626

Partnering together to strengthen our community. . .

United Way of Whitewater Valley
Oak Park Early Learning Academy, Richmond Indiana